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We provide services in a straightforward and transparent manner with no hidden fees.

Live a happy and financially 
secure retirement.

Save confidently and live a happy and financially secure retirement.

Don’t let sudden changes, such as volatility in the markets, upset you and leave you wondering about your finances. Annuities can provide guaranteed and predictable monthly income no matter what the market is doing. Since payments can continue throughout retirement, annuities help reduce the risk you will outlive your money.

Sleep Better: Higher growth potential, principal protection and tax deferral.

Regardless of your life stage, you’ve worked hard to build your savings and you want to protect them. A Fire Horse designed annuity could be a great fit if you want the confidence your money will be there at maturity, whether you’re saving for college, a down payment on a house, or planning to live off your savings.

A fixed index annuity has the potential for higher interest earnings than a traditional fixed annuity with a guaranteed minimum interest crediting rate. There’s also no direct downside market risk to your money. Your principal is protected from market fluctuations.

Straightforward and transparent; no hidden fees.

At Fire Horse, we take pride in designing annuity programs to serve your financial needs as well as provide you with withdrawal flexibility. We illustrate how these desirable financial products work in a very straightforward and transparent manner as well as any fees or charges that may apply depending on your current or future situation.

Our goal is: “no surprises” for our clients. That’s probably why we enjoy a stellar reputation in the industry.

What’s more, we provide you with a “Free Look”. Change your mind? You can always cancel your contract up to 30 days* after purchase—no fees, no questions asked.

* length of time may vary depending on the insurance company but that will be fully disclosed at time of proposal.
secure retirement.

With our free annuity proposal, you can find out how much you could earn after investment with Fire Horse.


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